Plastifiant poliester PL-100E

Polyester plasticizer PL-100E
model Indice de aciditate MG KOH/G Valoare hidroxil MG KOH/G Greutate moleculară Punctul de topire °C Aspect (proprietăți fizice)
PL-100E 01-0.5 106-118 1000 50±5 Solid alb
Compared to conventional plasticizers, PL-100E offers the following advantages:
1. Strong environmental protection: PL-100E uses environmentally friendly plasticizers, does not contain any dangerous substances, and complies with environmental regulations.
2. Low volatility: PL-100E has low volatility, which can improve the safety of the production workshop.
3. Excellent physical properties: PL-100E can improve the heat resistance, weather resistance and mechanical properties of PVC pipe and PVC cable material, making it more durable.
Polyester plasticizer PL-100E is suitable for the production of PVC pipe and PVC cable material.