Ceară de polietilenă oxidată de înaltă densitate OP-130

High Density Oxidized Polyethylene Wax OP-130
model Punctul de topire °C DensitateG/CC viscozitate Acidul nr.  MG KOH/G
OP-130 130±5 0.97 6500 17
Compared with other types of polyethylene wax, High Density Oxidized Polyethylene Wax OP-130 has a higher melting point and better thermal stability, can maintain stable performance at high temperature, not easy to decompose and oxidation.
In addition, it also has better compatibility and dispersion, can be fully mixed with other additives and fillers, improve the overall performance of the product. In the production of color masterbatch, OP-130 can improve the dyeing performance and fluidity of color masterbatch, reduce the manufacturing cost, and enhance the stability and storage life of color masterbatch. In coatings and inks, it can improve the abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and chemical corrosion resistance of the coating, but also can enhance the coating adhesion and appearance gloss. In plastic products, it can improve the fluidity, surface gloss and scratch resistance, but also can enhance the physical properties and weather resistance of products.
High Density Oxidized Polyethylene Wax OP-130 is a high purity oxidized polyethylene wax, mainly used in the manufacture of color masterbatch, paint, ink and plastic products and other fields.